Kirk Cummings Spreads His Gay Instinct

When Sharon Stone spread her legs in the 1992 smash Basic Instinct, the world took notice, turning the blonde bombshell into an overnight sensation. Well, you would think that someone (gay) would have parodied the landmark scene by now. And has finally taken the ball(s) and run with it, putting porn star Kirk Cummings in the hot seat for Gay Instinct. The scene, available now in HD at, features the slinky twink facing an interrogation panel consisting of humpy John Magnum, and porn power couple David Townsend and Trevor Knight (above). The three studs ask the tough questions as Cummings puffs a ciggie and opens his white shortie shorts wide. But only Magnum is smart enough to clear the room and go in for a deep probing. Face fucking, cock ramming and self-shrimping (!?) ensue, but does domination (Kirk's crime in the scenario) come into play!? You'll have to use your own Gay Instinct to find out!

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