I've always considered myself a bit twisted if you will when it comes to sex. I mean, at least quite a bit different than what society considers "normal". You know, "vanilla"? It's never been for me. As a former heterosexual conformist turned outcasted bisexual turned full-blown gay male, I've seen and done a lot of things. But I'll never be jaded. I just love sex too much and all that it has to offer.

At 40 years old I am part of a generation ( I believe it has been termed as "Generation-X"), that experimented with a lot of different aspects of life. Drugs were a large part of my high school experience, as were crazy sporting stunts and marathon drinking. I've travelled across my native country of Canada at least a dozen times, hitchhiked across the US and have even seen the other side of "The Pond" (Atlantic Ocean), and had a few pints in London and Edinburgh. But still, I keep sharp and never bore from whatever life throws at me. It seems I'm certainly not alone either.

If you are a gay man, whether obviously or not, you'll know the difference between living an openly gay lifestyle in the big city as opposed to a small town. In the city no one cares whether you're gay or not. In fact, you're just about as hip as one can get these days. That and being a gangster on TV seem to be at the top of the "What I'd Like To Be" list for those who need to dream in order to escape the confines of their strict lives. Which brings me to my subject for this blurb.

Kink is in. For everybody! Just take a good look around the internet at all the different fetishes and kinks. It's not hard to find 10 000 some odd Google listings of women into piss and scat. Or to come across images and media of stellar beauties adorned in thigh high "come-fuck-me-boots" whipping some pathetic submissive musclebound dude into complete servitude. Of course, we could go on and on but you probably get the point by now.

Kink is in. That's the bottom line. Whether you dig feet, clean or otherwise. Like to see your hubby get it up the rump by some black stud with an elephant trunk swinging between his sinewy thighs, or engage in orgies that would make the Romans blush. It's all a far cry from what the "norm" was even 15 years ago and what society once deemed as "acceptable" sexual behaviour. These are practises that enter a darker, more primitive part of our psyche. Yet we just can't resist. Can we? No of course not. It's in our nature. It's instinct. Phycologists and their ilk attempt to paint these fantasies as something traumatic and horrific stemming from our childhood or past. I disagree. Quite often in our modern "civilized" society we forget that we are animals in every sense of the word. Albeit, quite intelligent for the most part, but animals nonetheless. We need to experiment in order to stay amused. And as the newer generations become more and more sexually aware, the term "sexual orientation" becomes less and less relevant. They say at least 68% of North American women are admittedly bisexual. And men are coming out of the closet by the thousands each day. People are going with what "floats their boats" and just don't care what others think anymore. The way it should be if you ask me.

As a gay man who has experienced many things, been married to a woman, and had 3 long term relationships with men, I've had to work hard to keep things fresh. About ten years ago I met a man who introduced me to some pretty wild things. Watersports became a regular part of our play, as did light scat play and the like. Never would I have thought myself that kinky, but I just came to a point in my life where it was time to drop my sexual hangups, and stop giving a shit what others think of me because of my sexual preferences. As we all know, this can be a hard thing to do. Even in this day and age. But it's getting better and better all the time and as long as we play safe and practise a mutual understanding of what our partners enjoy and respect that, then things can only be fine.

I hope I've made some sense here as I just blab on. I suppose my point is that we are who we are. And unless you're a very religious individual ( and I doubt you are if you're surfing Gaydemon - He He ), we only have one chance to enjoy life and the pleasures of the flesh. Why not open our minds to something new? Perhaps something our mothers told us not to do. That's always kind of fun. The forbidden. The taboo. Yes indeed, kink is in.

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