Kilts And Cocks

I'm not sure if the title of this blog site is Scotsmen or Kilts and Cocks. I think the latter as there is no way of proving that all the men you find here are Scottish. They are all wearing a kilt of some kind though, and what you've got here is a kind of gay male equivalent of that straight niche 'up-skirts'. These pics must come from all over the web, there are some innocent ones where you've got a man wearing a kilt and showing a bit of leg, there are some guys flashing on purpose, and there are your classic up-kilt shots where guys are sitting with legs open, forgetting that they are wearing a kilt and no underwear. You have pages of this kind of fun stuff to browse through here, and it's a really nice mix. I liked the way there were some pics that were obviously from adult sites such as hard bodied hunks posing, or wearing cockrings on their mighty meat beneath their tartan, and then other pics of college students simply messing around. Either way, you've got a good collection on the men-in-kilt theme and a free blog that's fun to, er, look up.

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