Kevin Lee Is Titan Men's Newest Exclusive

Titan Men wanted to sign Kevin Lee to an exclusive contract when he appeared in Diversion with Felix Barca last November. But Lee wasn't ready. He had some things to take care of before committing to the studio.


It's a year later and Titan Men announced today that Kevin Lee has signed a multi-year contract as the studio's newest exclusive performer. A native of South Carolina, 29-year-old Lee works as a fitness trainer where he's been kicking it hard for the past year, and now he's bigger and bolder and ready for his close-up.

"Kevin is classically handsome, chiseled and muscular, and fun loving with a disarming smile," says Titan Men director Jasun Mark. "His first scene with Felix Barca in Diversion was a huge hit, I can't wait to get him back in front of our cameras!" Lee's performance in Diversion (featured below) earned him a Best Newcomer nod at the 2014 Grabby's.

But Lee wasn't just working on his body during his year-long hiatus. On his Facebook page Lee posted: "Officially signed my two-year contract with Titan Men Media. I'll be a more confident and professional entertainer and club performer now that I'm staying sober." Congrats!

And about his new contract Lee tells GayDemon: "Felix Barca was great to work with. I'm now back and feeling great and am very happy to be an exclusive part of the TitanMen team." And fingers crossed that Titan Men can convince Lee to stop shaving his chest.


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