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I recently blogged about how some porn stars tweet about the most mundane things in life, and how that was not gonna keep all of us hot and bothered. So, I searched high and (mostly) low for a porn stud that got what twitter was all about, and I think I have found just the hunk.

Kevin Crows is one of the sexiest porn studs on twitter. Not only does he give his followers regular updates on his porn life, he also shows off his tight muscular body in all its glory. But what makes him the dude to follow is the fact that this porn fella likes to show us the goods! Yes, he uploads TONS of cock shots for all to enjoy and drool over! Now, how generous is he?

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Kevin has worked for,, and now he is now also working with Of course, all of his followers on twitter will be seeing a lot more of him and I for one can not wait to see what part of his sexy self he uploads next!

Thank you Kevin Crows for showing everybody what twitter is really for!

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