Kenneth In The 212 is obviously a blog centered in New York City. This is the blog of one Kenneth M. Walsh who is one of the more prolific bloggers I have ever run across. His blog routinely has some 3-5 entries per day, all of which, amazingly enough, seem somehow relevant, if personal. Here is another honest man who takes his own queer look at society, entertainment, pop culture, books - just about everything under the sun - and even including sports. He has a wonderful post which leads, via linkage, to a great story on Billie Jean King. Here, he enumerates her own incredible accomplishments in raising the level of women's tennis as well as her being an icon for personal honesty. This blog is wide-ranging and sort of muscular in it's confident treatment of events, yet it approaches things in a humble way. He is sort of fearless, I think, and he seems to look for challenges in his blogging, if I may be so bold to interpret his intentions. It's a refreshing look at things - let me say that - and he even goes into some obscure areas which redound personally to him, but which obviously resonate with people who follow and comment. Popular and probably deservedly so, I like this blog and the wide range of issues and stuff Mr. Walsh confronts. He seems extremely human and that's a good thing.

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