Kennedy Carter quitting gay porn

It's more than obvious that even porn stars have to evolve and move on to do other things, however that doesn't mean that we don't wish that some would just stick around and do porn FOREVER! Well, it seems as though hot, ginger porn stud Kennedy Carter has decided to quite porn for the time being.

Kennedy has always been a fan favorite with his huge uncut cock and a luscious ass that has seen plenty of action! He worked with the big names in porn like Raging Stallion Studios and most recently he was an exclusive for Cocky Boys. So what is Mr. Carter going to do now that he has quit porn? Well, he is going to focus on his education; yes, he is more than just a sexy face - this hottie is doing his degree in Hispanic studies.

So for now we are going to say "hasta siempre" to one of the sexiest redheads in the industry, but there is a slight glimmer of hope as he tweeted a fan saying" Never say never, but I have no plans to film again." Well, I'm sure that all of his fans would never say NO to more Kennedy Cater porn!

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