ken ryker in the slammer

We all know this meaty, blonde hunk and he probably has one of the horniest faces in the porn industry! Yes, I could only be talking about Ken Ryker.

This stud has worked with all of the classic porn studios, and his work with COLT under the name Bill Flagstaff is porntastically legendary! He had distanced himself from porn but was preparing himself for a huge CUM-BACK making several appearances in gay clubs.

Well, it looks like that big ole' splash back into the gay porn world will have to be put on hold cos Ken Ryker is in the slammer! This hunky 39 year old was incarcerated at the Pennington County Jail on alcohol related charges. So it seems Ken had been hitting the bottle too hard and now he is forbidden to leave South Dakota.

I don't know what is more disturbing about this news, the fact that a porn star is in jail cos of alcohol or the fact that a gay porn star lives in fucking South Dakota! Seriously, that is punishment enough!

I truly do hope he gets his act together, quits his barfly ways and makes it back into the loving arms of his porn fans, lord knows he's got a lot of those! Here's hoping Mr. Ryker puts down that bottle of Jack Daniels and pick up that 12 inch dildo!

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