When ENGLISH LADS put together a shoot of two young english twinks doing each other, they certainly don't mess around. Kallum and Troy had known each other before the shoot and were familiar with each other's pleasures and joys. Taking a walk on the wild side, let's sit back and watch as Kallum hides his car inside Troy's garage for all of us to enjoy.


Ah yes, so nice to see Troy's young fuck hole exposed for all the world to see. All lubed up and ready to go, this is the kind of ass that needs a good hard and fast boning. What better lad to pull that off than good ole Kallum? He knows what makes this bottom boy tick. Watch and see.


Both boys certainly look as though they're enjoying themselves as they give us a nice big smile. Troy knows what he's about to get, and of course, Kallum is familiar with the sensation of his lover's tight sphincter when it wraps around his cock like a glove. Life is good, yeah?


Get it into ya boy! Kallum feeds Troy one inch at a time. There is nothing like an ass that's still so tight you have to work your member in slowly in order for it to accomodate you. These guys are young and have all the time in the world. Besides, the longer it takes for Troy to take that cock to full length, the more time we have to enjoy these two lovely young english lads as they explore the fantastic world of gay anal adventure. As we all know, there is nothing else like it. ENGLISH LADS knows all to well!

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