Recently Bentley Race caught up with Justin again when they were out with their mate Lukas. They were pretty keen on each other so they all agreed to get together the next day and shoot a straight up fuck video. Another mate had an apartment with a spa tub so they went over there to shoot this hot scene. We'll cut right to the chase today and show Justin and Lukas getting right down to business as Lukas pounds Justin's sweet hole with complete and utter abandon. You gotta see these guys going off!


Lukas works his rock hard prick and fingers Justin's almost ready hole in preparation for the fuck de resistance'. By the look on Justin's face I'd say that he's quite ready for what's cumming to him. Lukas is fucking hot.


There we are. Justin's taking that rod good and hard. BR shot this perfectly didn't they? What a great angle. We can see Lukas buried deep right inside that perfectly sculpted ass. Justin must be in complete heaven.


I think Lukas is close to cumming in this shot. Either that or he's fighting it to keep the action going. Bentley Race have really outdone themselves this time around. Damn. Let's let them know we want to see more of Lukas and Justin fucking like madmen. More! More! More!

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