"Just Slop All Over That Dick." "Just Slop All Over That Dick."

I like my job as a porn blogger. Who wouldn't like watching porn all day and writing about it? But if I were rethinking my career, I'd love to run a site like Straight Boyz where a parade of white, Latino, and black guys parade through my apartment, sit on my couch, and get their dicks sucked by moi. I doubt I'd be complaining about having to go to work.

And the cocksucker on Straight Boyz has been busy, he's given 287 blowjobs since he opened the site. One of his latest #285 is a smooth Latino stud with a nice body and his dick gets deliciously thick in this cocksucker's mouth. #285 isn't overly expressive, nor does he make much noise, but he does like watching this blow boy working his dick. When the cocksucker asks if he's liking it, #285 says, "Oh yeah." Then a couple of minutes later his head starts swaying from side to side and he unloads a big nut.

I checked out #276 because I was attracted to his beard and dark hairy armpit pits. Unlike #285, this dude isn't wearing goggles or sunglasses, but he's got the brim of baseball cap lowered to hide some of his face. But when this cocksucker gets to work I'm glad I picked this one. #276 is a dirty talker telling this blow blow that he likes he mouth and he really gets off pumping up into the nob gobbler's mouth. He repeats over and over that he doesn't mind having a guy sucking his cock, and then, "I like it good and dirty. Just slop all over that dick." And he rewards this cocksucker with a symphony of "Oh my God, oh yeah" and shoots a thick wad of spunk in the guy's fist. Nice.

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