The concept of a straight guy doing gay things is probably the single most popular theme in homo porn. This raises a big question: are these dudes really straight? The quick and obvious answer is'uh, no. If a dude has a cock in his mouth and he's grunting like a dog, he can scream to the heavens that he's straight as an arrow, but I'm just not convinced. The even bigger question is'does it really matter whether they're straight as long as the audience believes they are?

The first thread of this tangled web to unweave is understanding what the term straight means in porn-speak. In day-to-day non-porn life, straight = heterosexual. In porn-speak, straight = masculine. It's fascinating how the porn industry has re-fashioned the word to suit their own definition. Ya see, in porn, a gay person is twinkish or effeminate or has something about their behavior and manner to indicate they are way-gay. But if a dude is masculine, not the least bit swishy, and seems like a total straight guy, then in porn terms, he is straight. It doesn't matter that he's letting another guy suck his dick or that he's getting plowed up the ass and begging for more. If he's manly, has a girlfriend (so he says) and doesn't demonstrate any stereotypical homo behaviors, then by golly he's as straight as they come. In reality, he's masculine, but he ain't straight, and the terms really don't mean the same thing. Ya follow me? I'm not sure I follow it myself, but let's continue.

Porn professionals know for a fact that there are straight heterosexual males who perform in gay porn because it pays well and all they have to do is look pretty while someone else manipulates their private parts. Why hell, John Holmes did it a few times and he survived! When the envelope gets pushed with some of these dudes to get gayer, they get downright angry. Some might cross the line reluctantly and never do it again, some refuse, and some cross all the way to surprisingly discover they had a little bisexuality in 'em that they didn't know about. The point is, there are indeed legitimately straight men performing in gay porn, but they often have limits that are not easily swayed, and you really don't wanna piss these guys off.

On the other side of the issue, there are dudes who 'play straight' for the sake of the theme. Some of them are lying to the producers about it, and some of them are in direct cahoots with the producers to sell an idea. Case in point, the Web site entitled In each scene, the slimy producer keeps cajoling the models to take their shenanigans a step further as he flashes cash at them. I would say that most of the models at this site are not straight, bi or anything of the sort. Most of them are clearly faking with some of the worst acting ever captured on video. A few of them are legit, but not enough to effectively sell the concept. Luckily, the guys at the site are so damn hot that there's plenty of good porn to be had regardless of whether the concept floats.

Circling back to the question we started with: does it matter whether these dudes are really straight(ish), or does it only matter that we the audience believe they're straight? That ultimately depends on you. Straight guys having gay sex is a universally adored gay porn theme, and I imagine some don't care whether it's legitimate or not as long as the fantasy is believable. I agree with that stance, but at the same time, I have to say that the intensity and satisfaction of the concept being real is more effective. For instance, if you're watching a vid about gay brothers having sex together, isn't it 300 times hotter to know factually that they are really and truly brothers? Hell yeah. If you see a coupla twins getting it on, there's no question that it's real. If you see a coupla dudes who don't even look remotely like each other but claim to be brothers, the theme goes out the window 'cause you're not really believing that they're brothers. I think the same applies to straight guys in gay porn. We won't always know whether it's legit or not, but the more we believe the concept, the hotter the end result is and the fantasy is fulfilled.

I wonder if there are any sites that pay gay guys to have straight sex? That would be comedy central right there'



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