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There's a new hairy hunk making his mark on the gay porn scene. Junior Stellano is a 35-year-old, hairy man who has only been making videos for a year or so, but he's already getting quite the following. And why not? Junior Stellano is handsome and masculine, and he's got a beautifully muscled and hairy body.

Junior Stellano has already made five DVDs, and recently he took a break from his busy schedule and stopped by Butch Dixon to show off his sexy body. I'm attracted to this hairy hunk on so many levels. He's of Italian and Portuguese background - fifth generation New Yorker - and I love Mediterranean men. I'm always turned on by bald men or men who keep their hair cut very short. I love tattoos and Junior Stellano wears a sleeve of ink on his left arm and has several other tatts all over his body.

Junior has a fantastic cock, too. It's over 8 inches long and sports a hard, banana curve when it's rock hard. And this stud has a beautiful, beefy ass. It's covered with fine hair, but I love that hairy patch in the small of his back. It snakes down towards his butt crack and disappears between those round mounds of flesh. You definitely don't want to miss Junior Stellano; head over to Butch Dixon and check out this new sexy gay porn star.

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