4th july

On July 4th, some folks in the U.S. celebrate naked men and the colors red, white and blue. There may be some other historical significance to that day but I'm too distracted by these fellas right now to think about it. Oh yeah, also fireworks go boom.

How could I even think to not include a tacky star from American Gladiators (bottom left)? If you've never experienced that show, it's the one where that guy (character name Malibu) appeared on nationally-syndicated television looking exactly like that, which is an automatic win.

Hey, if you smear red, white and blue together, the red and blue would make purple and then the purple and white would make lavender. So the U.S. is gay and so is any other country or outfit with those colors. So Spiderman is gay and the U.S. flag itself is gay. It likes to cuddle up with the Union Jack. It's an FWB thing, Flag with Benefits, one of which is when you're a flag fucking another flag and you blow your flag wad, you don't have to reach for a cum rag. Because you are one.

It says that cum rag thing in the Declaration of Independence somewhere, right next to the part about "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Gay Porn." I swear.

P.S. Did you catch Timbo's All American Heroes post?

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