Stripping Pilot

Rick Bauer flew into UK Naked Men for Christmas. And no sooner did he arrive than he started stripping out of his pilot's uniform. I love watching a man peeling out of a suit or uniform. It's always so thrilling watching them removing the layers and revealing more and more of their bodies. And in Rich's case there's a lot to show. He's a beautifully muscular guy with a hot body - broad, round shoulders; bulging arms; and firm, hairy pecs topped with perky nipples. And wait until you see this stud's rear view - what a beautiful, bubble butt. His butt cheeks are a little furry, but his ass crack and tight balls are shaved smooth. And last, but not least, Rick has a deliciously suckable cock. At 7 inches, he's the perfect size - big enough to know you've got a dick in your mouth, but not so big that it's a jawbreaker. Rick's sporting a nice piece of foreskin, so there's a little something extra for you to chew on.

Juicy Uncut Cock

Rick looks so hot here with his shirt and jacket unbuttoned. That furry and muscular torso of his teasing us, and his uncut cock flopped over his underwear.

Uncut Dick

Ah ... the cock sucker's view. I always love these kinds of poses. Helps me fantasizing about being on my knees and sucking a nice uncut dick like Rick's.

Hot Ass

I'm a butt man, too, and I never tire of looking at a guy's ass; particularly Rick's, which is so perfectly round and firm. And I love how he's pushing his hard cock back towards the camera and giving us another view of his uncut dick.

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