Juicy Cock Head

I love a big, fat cock head. Sucking dick is my favourite thing to do and I love slobbering over a guy's fat crown. And Maine's cock head is deeply ridged and flared with a deep crevice to work your tongue into. Maine is a 24-year-old blonde guy who still hasn't given up his love of skateboarding. And when he starts off his video, he's wearing baggy clothes. So we really don't have an idea of what's waiting underneath until he strips out of his clothes. And like a typical straight guy, he's wearing baggy boxers. We can start to see his big pole stiffening in his shorts. By the time he slips off his boxers, he's already semi-hard. His big meaty cock is hanging between his lean legs and he's sporting a healthy set of bull balls. And when Maine shoots his load, he blasts cum all the way up onto his smooth chest. Three super juicy streams squirt up his smooth torso and lands on those firm pecs. It's hot!

Blonde Guy Jacking Off

Big Cock

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