Unless you're a Chilean miner circa August, 2010, you've probably heard about J.T. Tepnapa's upcoming homoerotic occult fantasy, "Judas Kiss" starring Zachary Wells and Danny Reyes. But it's gay porn star Brent Corrigan and Belgian television hottie, Timo Descamps, who both have supporting roles, that have tongues a-wagging.

Recently, Timo tweeted that a new - if by "new" he means August - behind-the-scenes video of the making of the making of the music video for the film had been posted and it was really very instructive. So what did we learn? Well, for starters, Brent clearly has some serious competition in the lean, muscular, totally fuckable independent movie actor category (18-25). Timo has that perfect combination of exquisite "swimmer's build," boyish good looks and vaguely familiar accent that makes one do things that normally get you noticed by Interpol.

Timo_Descamps tweets about the Judas Kiss video

We also learned that while, yes, getting splattered by blood by the makeup crew outside in your underwear in Seattle can be a shock to the system, being lusted after by a gaggle of other hot boys in tight fitting leotards and paste-on fangs can also be a shock to the system. (Although, the only opinion I have on those suspenders is that I don't have opinion on those suspenders.)

But Timo clearly enjoys what he's doing under the fluid guidance of director Tepnapa whose best moment in the clip comes when he asks: "Is the blood lickable?"

Is the blood lickable?

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