Lucas_Entertainment_JP_Richards_01.jpgIt makes us hard with joy at Gaydemon to discover hot new porn studs and of course that is exactly what we did with ebony hunk J.P Richards when we spotted him in July and decided to bring this hottie to the Gaydemon blog for your hot and horny eyes to see! Do you remember?

Well, it was only a matter of time before the porn offers started to roll in and of course international porn studio Lucas Entertainment snapped this hottie up and paired him with one of the sluttiest bottoms in the biz Brandon Jones.

Lucas_entertianment_Brandon_Jones_JP_Richards_Dick_hungry_05.jpg This scene is from Lucas Entertainment's new movie "Dick Hungry" and of course J.P gave us a sneak peek at this scene which was just released November 19th. These two get hot and horny and J.P gives Brandon Jones a deep, long fucking, just like Jesus intended. J.P told us that this was one of the hottest scenes he has ever done and that the chemistry between him and Brandon was off the charts, J.P was hard before the director even said "ACTION!" Isn't that the best kind of action?

Lucas_entertainemnt_Brandon_Jones_JP_Richards_Dick_Hungry11.jpg Of course you know that we will be seeing TONS more of J.P Richards fucking some hot ass and maybe even getting up the back-door himself! Thanks to J.p for sending us these pics and of course you can follow this HOT COCK on twitter @JP_RichardsXXX

Enjoy HOMOS!

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