JOXY, more formerly called JOXY.net Index, is a slam bang, good old time picture festival. Incredibly easy to navigate, it is absolutely loaded with easily-accessed pictures and Flash presentations of cocks, cum and guys getting it on. There's something refreshing about a site being this damned simple. And that doesn't even include the steamy content itself. It's fucking hot! This site reeks of sex, frankly - pure unadulterated gay sex, complete with butt fucking, lots of cocks and serious wanking on screen. The cock pictures are especially, um, "meaty". The author includes what I assume are his own pictures and series of other individuals as well, including Jeff Stryker and Tom of Finland. It even lists the names of some of the porn productions these hunks have starred in. For additional fun, JOXY features a list of great sexual stories, all of which are extremely well-written and super hot. By themselves, they could constitute a great reason to drop in. An informal air abounds around this hot website - and it really makes it work. I love the chance to sign the guest book or scrolling through it, seeing the impressions others have had after visiting here. This is a smokin' hot site.

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