Jonathan West Is Now a Firefighter AND Front Page News Jonathan West Is Now a Firefighter AND Front Page News

Gay porn stars change careers all the time, but in the case of Jonathan West, The New York Daily News felt the retired screen stud's latest job switch was important enough to put on its front page! With a headline that blares "Towering in Porno!," the newspaper refers to the "hoseman's gay-smut past." In an exclusive story, it reveals that West is now working as an FDNY firefighter. The 33-year-old former Marine first made a splash in 2004 with numerous films, including Paramedics, Raw, Jar Head 2 and Semper Bi. He was also the subject of a best-of collection from Channel 1 Releasing's All Worlds Video.

West, whose real name is Jonathan Jesensky, became a rookie fireman last week after joining the FDNY as an EMT in 2012. An FDNY official told the newspaper that West "came clean about his adult film past before he was hired by the city--and there's no plan to end his budding civil service career." The Daily News also notes that West was strictly gay for pay and told friends that doing porn was "just a job." Sadly, the newbie smoke eater (and former cock eater) couldn't be reached for comment.

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