Long before everyday guys were jacking on Web cams and calling themselves porn stars, hot hunks were recruited into the big biz, like Lana Turner at the drugstore counter, and became overnight sensations. Legend has it that mustachioed cutie Jon King was discovered at a car wash by Catalina Video. The Florida native went on to star in more than 40 films, including gay porn classics such as These Bases are Loaded, Brothers Should Do It and The Biggest One I Ever Saw! Now this was in the 1980s, when porn stars were...stars. King gained a legion of fans who worshipped his taut body and shaggy haircut. He appeared on magazine covers and worked for Falcon Studios with top directors like William Higgins. When his day in the gay porn sun ended, King moved to Atlanta to study culinary arts and became a chef. Sadly, the iconic superstar passed away in 1995 from complications due to AIDS.

But his work and legend lives on! Channel 1 Releasing, which acquired Catalina's catalog of films in 2007, continues to restore and release this classic product that is so much a part of gay porn's history. Four of these vintage titles are now available, all from porn auteur Higgins, and one stars King. The 1982 release Members Only features Jon on the cover and in three scenes, including a keeper with Giorgio Canali (another major star of the era, pictured below with King). There's also Young Olympians (with Lance Whitman), Spring Semester (with Tex Anthony) and Big Surprise (with Steve "12-Inch" York). These titles are all from the '80s and are worth more than a glance. The excellent Best of Jon King compilation is also out now. For more information, visit

John King Superstar

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