Johnny's Audition

When Johnny arrived at the New York Straight Men studio, he was still covered in sand, salt, and smelled like the Atlantic Ocean. This wasn't too surprising as the crew knew that the young hunk lives to surf. This is probably due to the fact that he's from Long Island. It's no wonder Johnny has a great tan - revealed in all it's glory when he pulled down his pants to start jerking off. However, it was his big, fat cock that grabbed everyone's attention right away. Along with his thick weapon of ass destruction, Johnny certainly has all the things that make up a hot Irish stud. And if you look deep into his eyes - you'll have to take your attention off his dick for a moment please - you can almost here some Irish sea shanty being hummed. No wait, that's Johnny whispering in our ears that he wants to fuck us hard. LOL. Oh boy!

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