Johnny Rapid Gangbang

There isn't much gay porn stars could say or do that shock most of gay porn lover. We have pretty much heard and seen it all. But hot bottom hunk Johnny Rapid has recently said a couple of things in an interview that had me thinking "HOMO, SAY WHAT?"

Johnny made waves last year when he confessed that he would much rather have some steamy pussy than a big pulsating cock up his ass. This was a shocker, 'cos let's face it - this guy bottoms like he was born to do it! But he came out as bisexual and said he liked a girl who was "sweet and honest" and a guy that was "average." Hmmmm... he sounds easy to please in the guy department.

He told "Johnny Rapid Lovers" that if he hadn't gone into porn he would be working 9 to 5 getting minimum wage to support his children. Wait.... hold up... Johnny Rapid has children? When did this happen? How old are they? Do they know that daddy likes a big dick up his ass and more importantly do they approve? So many unanswered questions! I'm surprised the interviewer didn't ask him more about his kids! I mean, you can't just say you have kids and that be the end of it!

Johnny recently shot a mega gangbang scene in "Prison Shower 4" for where he gets some good ole fashioned double dickin' from London Conrad and Cooper Reed. I wonder if porn sets have a kiddie play pens for actors to keep their brats in, 'cos you know raising kids is tough for the modern cock-worshiping gay!

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