Gay porn star Johnny Hazzard

Last week I had the delicious pleasure to be on the set of porn's sexy bad boy Johnny Hazzard's photo shoot with SHOOTMEUP.CO.UK in London. Johnny is the latest model for the hottest porno night in Europe, *GigoloDisco*. I got to help with the styling for the shoot, and in between wardrobe changes I got a chance to talk to this uber-hottie, and what I found out really surprised me.

First of all, Johnny was super sweet and very easy to talk to. I had always heard that he was a real pain to work with and that he was stand offish, but that couldn't be further from the truth. He was very willing to pose in next to nothing in weather that can only be described as FUCKING FREEZING! He worked the camera and had a great energy on set.

Johnny Hazzard starts his own jewelry line

I told him about what I had heard about him and he smiled a cheeky smile and said "don't believe everything you read". I asked him what he was up to besides porn, and what he told me made me like him even more! (No, he didn't confess his undying love for me!) He told me that had just finished a jewelery-making course back in the U.S and that his next step was making his very own jewelery! I was so surprised and I asked him if he had anything on him that he had done. He was wearing rings that he had made after finishing his course and of course I got to snap a pic of him proudly showing them off!

Johnny is really talented! His rings were gorgeous (umm... no pun intended) and I was loving them so much I had planned to "borrow" them! He said he wanted to start making more and more and start selling his jewelery all around the world. How's that for an exclusive?!

So this year be on the lookout for more sexy Johnny Hazzard porn and more importantly be on the lookout for his jewelery which will be launched later this year. I can't wait to see what he's got in store! Gorgeous, sexy, and talented!? This "bad boy" deffo has it all!

(Images by: SHOOTMEUP.CO.UK)

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