Johnny Forza and Sebastian Young Have Some Bare Bum Fun Johnny Forza and Sebastian Young Have Some Bare Bum Fun

Do you think Johnny Forza's ass is worth $1800? In this new Dallas Reeves scene, Forza wants to buy a car off Sebastian Young. Sebastian wants $2000 and Johnny says he's only got a couple of hundred. "You'd better be giving up some of that ass or something ... couple hundred bucks," Sebastian huffs. "I've got plenty of that," Johhny says. Sebastian checks out Johnny's ass and they head inside.

But the funny thing is that after they arrive in the bedroom and do a bit of kissing, Sebastian pushes Johnny down on the bed and swallows his cock. Dude, the guy has to make up an $1800 short fall for that car, shouldn't he be sucking your cock? Johnny does eventually get around to giving Sebastian some head. He sits on the edge of the bed and gulps on Sebastian's cock head, never really going very deep. It's disappointing. Didn't Forza learn how to suck dick better than that over at Broke Straight Boys? He had enough practice in his 50 videos.

It doesn't matter, Sebastian is more interested in getting his big cock in Johnny's bare hole. Sebastian sits back on the bed and Johnny mounts him reverse sitting on his dick. And as Johnny starts riding, his own heavy-hanging meat flops around, making this fuck all the more enjoyable to watch. Then Johnny stands at the edge of the bed and hoists a foot up on the mattress so we get some good cock-in-hole close-ups before the boys head into a missionary position for their cum finale.

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