john rechy

John Rechy's site is a reflection of the great author himself, a pared-down slab of assertive homo-masculinity where an erotic poet's mind go hand-in-gym-glove with a lot of obvious bench press work.

Rechy's books were like the offspring of a literary union of Jean Genet and Tennessee Williams. His tortured characters, almost invariably young male hustlers, midnight cowboys drifting from trick to trick amid the smoky, seedy alleys of Times Square, the treacly French Quarter of New Orleans or the cruising parks and all-night movie theatres of 1960s Los Angeles. Rechy's anti-heroes had names like "Johnny Rio" and his best known books include "City of Night", "The Sexual Outlaw" and "Numbers".

This compact site shows original pics of Rechy and his pneumatic pecs in all their glory, as well as a very extensive archive of his more recent essays, articles and interviews.

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