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COLT is keeping the Icons coming! In the latest edition of one of our favorite series, superstud John Pruitt joins the club, previously popularized by the legendary Jake Tanner, Steve Kelso and Pete Kuzak. Pruitt was a top model who was known for his musclebound good looks. Originally from Champaign, Illinois, the former Jim Yount was a swimming champ who starred in a series of exercise videos in the late 1980s. Once he was discovered by photographer Jim French, he became John Pruitt and went on to appear in numerous magazines, books and calendars. Today, back to being James Yount, he's a senior managing director at a capital management firm in Illinois. The studio notes that John's "magnficent, perfectly sculpted body speaks for itself." And we definitely hear a round of woofs loud and clear! For more information on the Icon series, visit

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