John Palatinus

John Palatinus was an absolute giant in the Gay Community of the mid century. Ironically, he stayed that way as well, via his own lifestyle and photographs of him which appeared in "Daddy" magazine while as late as 60 years of age. But it was by far his influence as a photographer and publisher in the Fifties which garnered him his notoriety, and which cemented him as a courageous gay publisher. Alan Harmon has provided us with a stunningly-informative website, devoted to John Palatinus' works and his times. We owe Alan a big "Hooray!" for providing this link with our own past and the progress of homosexual rights and freedom. This wide-ranging and riveting site is very well-organized, breaking down John's work and discussing his vicissitudes and all. As an accurate rendition of history it makes a solid mark as well as an appreciative featuring of an admirable and artistic soul. Of more immediate interest - of course! - we also get a trip through the incredibly delightful images John took - of his oft-featured muscle men and the "hunkiest of the hunky", circa 1950-1965. Believe me, just browsing Mr. Palatinus' photo's makes the trip well worth the time.

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