John Eats His Own Cum

New amateur You Love Jack dick stroker John is a natural vegan and takes pretty good care of his body. This means he'll eat anything that's natural. You'll see what I mean in a moment. Once he's worked his thick cock to a full erection, he proceeds to stroke it like he would if alone. The camera actually seems to turn him on even more it would seem. John likes to stimulate his prostate and moves on to stuffing his hot asshole with a transparent butt plug. His tasty looking cock twitches with delight from the sensations. Whether it's the fact that all of us are watching John do this to himself or the toy buried deep up his butt, the sexy amateur lets go of a highly impressive load of man jizz that apparently flew almost 3 feet in the air and landed all over him. Some even makes it's way up onto his t-shirt. This is where his natural diet cums into the picture. See, John doesn't use a towel to clean himself up after a cock beating session, he likes to lap it up and swallow it all!

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