Jockstrap Junction

Apparently all kinds of underwear journeys pass through Jockstrap Junction, a free blog site that's all about horny looking guys in jocks and briefs and pants and you name it. Jocks, the underwear, feature heavily, so I am pleased to report the sightings of many a tight, round bubble butt framed perfectly with a couple of elasticated straps of cotton. And also, taking the view from the other platform, I am pleased to say that I have also spotted some very nice bulges of hard and soft cocks alike and belonging to some very horny looking men.

I have, while waiting at this junction and doing my own kind of train spotting, seen some unusual views of what lies beneath the often white, sometimes wet, always thrilling nether garments. The driver who guides his particular train of thought along these lines also brings us video clips (wrestlers in tight body suits, for example) and notes, thoughts, and some writing, though he is mainly image-led. He also goes slightly off the rails from time to time with images of other kinds of underwear, but that's OK. There is never a very long delay before the next jock-themed train pulls into this rather sexy station. Well worth picking up a free ticket.

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