Jocks Fucking Poolside

Did you do a double take with that bottom picture? I sure did. Two shaggy-haired guys kissing and they look like they're brothers, not fuck buddies. Elijah and Caleb recently spent the afternoon by the pool with Corbin Fisher; swimming and sunning their lean and tight, tan bodies, and taking lots of time out for suck and fuck breaks. When they retire to a shaded cabana and their bodies are tangled on the lounge chair, you almost lose track of who is who. Am I a pervert for fantasizing about two brothers fucking? Who cares, these jocks are hot! Caleb hasn't been around Corbin Fisher much lately, he's been travelling around the country. But he's back and has confessed to Corbin Fisher that he genuinely missed getting his ass fucked by another guy. That's where Elijah comes in. He has become quite an expert at working over a guy's ass hole. And he definitely goes to town on Caleb's ass. There's heaps of kissing and lots of hot oral sex with the guys swapping blowjobs. But after Elijah rims Caleb deep and getting his hole relaxed and slicked up with spit, he slides his dick into Caleb's ass and gives the horny stud the pounding he's been missing. With his legs in the air and Elijah's dick fucking his ass, Caleb grunts out a huge load all over his abs and chest. Wow! I guess he really has missed a hard ass fucking!

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