Jocks Fucking

After Trent made his jack off debut on Corbin Fisher, he was paired up with Dawson. Trent had been a Dawson fan for a long time and was really looking forward to the blonde jock breaking his cherry. But Trent just got so damned excited that he popped before Dawson even got his legs in the air. Dawson did eventually fuck Trent for the first time in a subsequent video, and now, Trent is back to give Dave a ride. Dave is a cute, dark-haired jock who is full of passion and enthusiasm. He really loves having sex and he loves doing it in front of the camera. Trent wasn't happy stopping at Dawson; he said that he's been curious about guys and wanted to give things with another guy a shot. You've got to be sure, right? And as you'll see in this video, Dave made Trent feel pretty good. His facial expressions leave no doubt that Trent was having a good time. Dave is openly bisexual, so he was a perfect choice to help Trent explore his interest in guys a little further. Dave totally takes charge in this video and puts his experience to work. And I have a feeling that Trent won't be feeling confused any more about what he likes.



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