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I love Cade and I love watching him in action over at Corbin Fisher. That's Cade doing the fucking. Cade is a solid jock standing 5'11" and weighing in a 185 pounds. He's got a beautiful body, but I particularly love looking at his ass. Of course, there's nothing wrong with his 8-inch cock either. Cade's been a regular on Corbin Fisher for a while now, and last week, he was paired up with Caleb. A big part of Corbin Fisher's education of the guys in the realm of gay sex is that anal sex feels good. Most straight guys just scrunch up their faces and freak out when you even mention the idea of anyone putting anything in their ass holes - even a finger. But the guys at Corbin Fisher are finding out first hand that anal sex feels good. By the look on his face, Caleb seems like he's in pain while Cade is fucking him, but you can tell by his hard cock that he's enjoying it. Cade is not a small boy, aside from being 8-inches long, he's fairly thick, too. And Caleb actually said to Corbin Fisher after this video was finished, "It sounds crazy, but sometimes I feel like I'm at the edge of cumming the entire time I'm bottoming." And when you see the huge load that Caleb shoots while getting fucked, you know he's feeling good. He did admit that it was a little hard at times to take Cade's thick cock, but in spite of how big Caleb's cock is, Caleb couldn't get over the persistence of this intense sense of pleasure.

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