Aidan and Cage have appeared in individual solo galleries on Perfect Guyz, and the PG guys felt that these two studs would have some chemistry together. And boy to they ever! Aidan and Cage open the video clip getting to know one another on the soccer field. Both are jocks and had a lot of fun with the soccer ball. Aiden is the blonde jock with the tattoos running across his shoulder; he's 23 years old, stands 5'9" and weighs a solid 170 pounds. Cage is a little less filled out than Aidan, but Cage is only 20 years old, and he's 5'7", 145 pounds, and sports a 7.5 uncut cock. I'm not sure what happened on the soccer field, but these guys were hot and ready. Maybe the one who scored the most goals gets to be top. That would have kept Aidan on top of his game because he's an aggressive top - with a thick 8' cock. Cage loves sucking cock. Cage hasn't been fucked yet, and he agreed to let Aidan pop his cherry. I'm not sure about Cage's decision, he might have wanted to start with a much more manageable cock size; but he didn't have much problem. And once Aidan's cock was inside, Cage enjoyed every inch of it.

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