Jock Boy Locker is actually more than meets the eye at first. Braced in a rather minimalist style, this interesting blog diverts from the opening page in remarkable ways with some hidden riches. By first hitting the site, I got a very informative post about some details involving power lifting, strength and weight training. I was immediately struck by the knowledge of the writer who obviously knows of what he speaks. A recitation on "grip training" welcomed me. Descriptions of the different phases and styles of "grip" ensued and I actually learned quite a bit, in particular the relation of gripping power to the amount of weight one can safely hoist. OK. However, when I scrolled over to the right and confronted the various lists of items there, I found another world entirely of fabulous men. Yes, almost all these guys are human Adonises. They all look terrifically athletic and there are absolutely breath-taking pictures of men flexing with blood vessels prominent, a tension reflecting a superb and rare element of strength and male beauty. In fact, and this is the point, all the pages encountered feature different yet gorgeous men. I think what made it stand out so starkly is the minimalist element I referred to above, contrasting the fabulous and ultra-professional - if not trend-setting photography. There is eye candy galore here but it is always set in a fascinating and elegant style which redounds throughout this fascinating blog. This is actually, then, more than a little special. This seemed to me, on reflection, to be a work of love and art and it sort of simply stuns one with the sheer power of its images. This is a truly remarkable find.

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