Jock Sniffer

If you're wondering what that image is of, it's a guy with a jock on his head, as you do. Jock Sniffer really needs no explanation, not when you have images like this to look at, but all the same: it's a tumblr blog I fell into by accident and one where I ended up staying for quite a while. Everything jock and a little bit smelly is taken care of here with images from all over the place showing all kinds of guys in their under-shorts-wear, and sport kits, socks, shoes and sneakers. There are animated gifs with guys sniffing used jocks and jerking, some forced sniffing going on in very short video clips, loads of pics and also links to where they come from. You can follow the social networking links, you can follow the blog of course, which is mainly image led, and you can also comment if you want to. It's a real hang-out locker room style place for everyone into the jock sniffing scene. Cricket boxes, cups, and other sports gear is also on show; as long as it concerns the parts of the gear that cover the parts of the guy. As they say on the site, keep calm and sniff my dirty jock.

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