Jock Piss

Jock Piss describes itself as a "male urination site" and says that they feature regular guys pissing. It's true. The guys in their site are mostly amateurs, the type of men you might see anywhere, and who you might try to watch as they piss in public restrooms. The difference here is that in this site you get to watch them piss for the camera. There are guys pissing in toilets, in showers, in boxes, outdoors. Some pee on themselves, some in cups, and a few drink their own urine. The site definitely focuses on one area, and I must say it does it right. All the content here is exclusive, so you won't see it in other sites, and it delivers real amateurs dripping with piss. I like what I see here, and if watching guys relieving themselves turns you on, I think you're going to like Jock Piss as much as I do.

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