Recently I came across a site called Jock Physical, and I was struck by how different a site can be when it's made by someone who's really into it, and how few gay medical fetish sites there are out there. Yep, there's no doubting that Jock Physical is a labor of love - or at least lust. Unlike the few other medical sites out there, which are either basically regular gay porn in a medical setting or way over the top, the physicals here are more like the physicals you'd get from your doctor. That works out well, because the guys - who are mostly college athlete types - respond to the setting, which looks like a regular exam room, and also respond to the man giving them the physical as if he were a doctor. Most of the exams to include a prostate exam and jackoff session - after all, the doctor has to collect a specimen. The site also has a blog, which has hotter text but a lot less pics of each guy. I think Jock Physical has hit exactly the right note and can't wait to watch this site grow!

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