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Cole and Hunter are a real-life couple who share their sexual escapades with us on a site called Maverick Men. Hunter is the dark-haired man while Cole is the salt 'n pepper daddy. They play with all kinds of guys, but they have a penchant for younger guys.

Caleb is a hot, masculine jock from Chicago. He's good looking with deep blue eyes. Cole and Hunter have been talking to Caleb online for a year and a half. Recently, they got together, and Caleb finally got the balls to make a video with these men. But Caleb was still a bit hesitant about exposing himself on video. Cole and Hunter had a running bet with Caleb that if he pussed out of filming one more time that they could shave his head.

He did back out again and the men grabbed the clippers. The thing is that Caleb looks even hotter with his head cropped close. After a few beers in the park, this handsome jock finally decided that it was time to take the plunge. Hunter whipped out the camera and started filming. Then back at home base, these three horny men swapped blowjobs, rimmed ass, and finally, Cole and Hunter took turns fucking Caleb's ass. Head over to Maverick Men and watch these masculine muscle bear couple fucking the asses off a whole parade of younger guys.

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