JNRC is a French site obviously, as can be seen from their inviting website portal. It is also a site dedicated to men and those who like them. Big time. I was unable to find a handy translation software but, in a way, I am just as glad because it allows me to enjoy the luxury of eye candy of a madly erotic sort in the most common language of them all - skin. This site features soldiers, footballers and regular blokes showing lots of cock and body, masturbating, posing and having an awful lot of very fun-looking sex. It is rich in material - one of the more intriguing posts dealt with a group of 3 Soviet soldiers from back in the day, getting it on together. Very European in perspective, guys show up in here from everywhere - Arabs from Morocco and Algeria, Brits, horny Germans and French guys galore, all of a decidedly masculine type and all with one thing in common - they are all horny as fuck. With around 150 videos in the site itself and oodles of galleries, this site is a surfer's delight. Extremely well-designed, even for us non-French speakers, the route to sexy men is a very short one and full of rewards.

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