Fisting, handballing, knuckling - there are many terms for it. Some of which I've probably never even heard before. Our host here believe it or not is a bisexual switch who lives quite an active fisting adventure. He claims to adore fisting men and women and let's them do it to him as well. The Chicago Leather Club awarded him with "Pig Of The Year" 2 years in a row as he has been "explored" over 700 times. Well damn!! He is a writer by profession and some of his work can be seen through the "Writing" link in the left menu. Also viewable are some cool pics of his interactions with both his current partners - a man and a woman. The site itself is set up quite nicely and surfs without a hitch. Be sure to check out "Training", "Seminars", and "Kinks" to find out some most interesting information and revelations surrounding this kink. If fisting is your thing or you're just looking to find out more this could be the place to get informed. Not to mention get a hardon. Wow!!

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