We've heard of acrobatics in the bedroom, but this is ridiculous! Yes, that's gay porn "It Boy" of the moment Jimmy Fanz getting real physical with Evan Mercy for his latest scene. The furry newcomer seems to be all over the place since signing as an exclusive with Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios in April. The upside-down oral action pictured above is from Knockouts & Takedowns. This is the new release from Falcon's Jocks imprint, and this scene takes place in a boxing ring. Jimmy sucks cock, chows down on ass and bottoms out for Mercy. He begs for it, too! (Ba-dum-bum!) But seriously, this guy does it all (including live cam shows!). And Fanz even attempts to jack into his own mouth. All's well that ends well...and tastes good, too! For more information, visit JocksStudios.com.

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