Jimmy Fanz And Zeb Atlas Make The Woods

It happens every year. Raging Stallion puts out a big-budget blockbuster during the holiday season that goes on to win a shit ton of awards. The San Francisco-based studio has announced that this year that movie is The Woods. So come November 23, we will all be treated to the sight of porn newcomer Jimmy Fanz getting wood with veteran superstar Zeb Atlas. Now, some might see these two models as an odd matchup (due to size, age, fur, whatever), but Fanz tells GayDemon that the chemistry was definitely there and that Zeb was "great. And such a sweetheart! Bigger in person than anyone could ever imagine, and he knows how to give a great fuck. My butt is just getting over the soreness!"

Jimmy went on to tell us more about the two-parter, which is the first in a new three-picture deal for Atlas with RSS and bro studio Falcon, but the fun PR folks at the studio would rather have the plot remain a secret until all the details are worked out (because we all watch these movies for the plot!). So we'll just say that it sounds "out of this world." Hey, as long as it's hot...and wins some awards...and shows Fanz in all his hirsute glory, we're there! For more information, visit RagingStallion.com.

Jimmy Fanz sucks Zeb Atlas cock

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