New Yorks Straight Men shows off Jim as it's his turn to show how he can play. Now that the "ice has broken" between he and Ralph, the sexual excitement flows freely! Their cameras captured all the lustful passion that erupted between these two hot studs. And this shoot has it all! Groping, sucking, humping, kissing, biting, sweating and then there is swapping spit, nipple play, loins grinding and loads spewing! Both hunks shoot their loads leaving them both covered in gooey ropes of cum, sweat and spit!


I so love watching two hot whiskered hunks engaging in some serious spit swapping. Jim and Ralph look so into it too. There's that connection you just can't deny when you really look at this shot.


Now wouldn't I LOVE to stick my face in amongst that gorgeous pile of cock flesh. Oh man. One of my favourite things to do is rub cocks with another man while exploring the rest of him with my hands. I stared at this shot for a long time before I put it up. He He.


The million dollar shot. Legs wrapped around his top's waist, cock buried deep inside his bottom's tight butt, Jim and Ralph while away an afternoon doing what cums totally naturally. Straight or not, these two ultra-hunks from New York Straight Men produced quite a show for us gay dudes. Thank you so very much for that.

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