So what does a blue collar guy do when he's so fucking horny he can't stand it, and his gay male next door neighbour offers to help him out? Well...he can say no and go jerk off. Sure, he may get off. But not anything like he will when a man who knows how to suck on your hose the right way does the job. Jim took the plunge. After all - who's gonna know? NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN'S Bobby is a very experienced cocksucker and had no problem whatsoever devouring Jim's big sweaty tool. There aint' nothing like a big set of hairy balls bouncing off your chin. Mmmm.


God that's so nice. Jim has a perfect cock. Just long enough, and with enough thickness to know your mouth is being invaded with hot meat. His balls also look extremely scrumptous. I adore hairy balls. Flossing with pubes is one of my favourite pastimes.


I'll bet my left nut that Jim has never had a blowjob like this before. Men just know what men like. That's just the way it is. Only makes sense. I'm sure Jim will be inviting Bobby over a lot more often now. Yes, being neighbourly can really pay off sometimes.


Yeah, sucking off straight guys is very entertaining indeed. They can't believe it when you get your hungry mouth on their man meat. I think they get off on their "little secret" as well. I guess being in the closet isn't always a bad thing. He he. I wouldn't know. I booted the hinges off of my closet many years ago. NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN specialize in those guys that would never admit they LOVE to get sucked off by a gay dude that knows what he's doing. Hey...you never know. Maybe that hunk next door to you isn't as "straight" as he may appear.

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