get-attachment-2.aspx.jpegIt's hard to know where to begin when it's hard to know where to begin. Take, for example, Jet Set Men's latest release: "Bad Ass Bottoms," starring Mister Top himself, megahunk Brad Star. Apparently, through a very complex systems of weights, pulleys and proprietary mechanisms too complex to explain here (because, frankly, we don't understand it ourselves), auteur director John Bruno has somehow managed to convince Star to bottom for, among others, recently signed exclusivo, Cuban-born Angel Rock.

Speaking from an undisclosed location, Jet Set Marketing Director, Vice-President, Chef du cuisine and overall humanitarian Rob Romoni had this to say (with a minimum of porn-y superlatives):

"Jet Set Men has cast some of the best bad asses' guys in the industry. You get full access to witness them taking it all, and when the action starts all holes go wide open and no cock goes unused."

John Bruno, a man whose ass credentials have never been questioned, also features Cliff Jensen, AJ Irons, Mick Gibson, Conner McGuire, Hunter Vance and Seth Haus, names that sound as real as the flesh they're pounding. "Bad Ass Bottoms" is distributed by Marina Pacific and is now available on DVD, download-to-own and Pay-Per-View on JetSetMen.TV.


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