Jesse Jackman Gives Thanks

Well, isn't this refreshing!? A porn star who actually appreciates his fans and the industry! Titan Men's studly exclusive Jesse Jackman recently posted a blog at his site titled "A Word of Gratitude" in which he gave props to his peeps. "I just wanted to say thank you to everyone out there who's been so supportive over these last several crazy months," Jackman writes. "Whether you're a personal friend, a Facebook fan, a Twitter follower or a tacit observer, I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you. This has been an incredible journey of self-discovery for me; I'm thrilled to be able to share it with you, and also deeply honored that you've chosen to take part." And those who have taken in one of Jackman's films, which include Command Performance, Surveillance and Incubus 2 with this doll, know that he is a big, hairy man with a mind-bendingly bent penis! Jesse promises an upcoming scene with real-life boyfriend Dirk Caber and a new movie with legendary director Joe Gage. The 38-year-old Boston native will also be at the Grabbys Awards and International Mr. Leather in Chicago later this month. So keep your eyes peeled for this hirsute hottie, and tell him that it's been our pleasure.

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