Like who knew that in the late 1700's, masturbation was believed to be a medical disorder. Seriously, the so called Doctors of the time accepted the notion that jerking off was a dangerous risk to one's health.

Yet today, Masturbation is considered to be a healthy normal practice. In fact, some leading shrinks actually believe that jerking off helps relieve depression.

Now who would of thought that 300 years ago?

Then too, there is evidence to indicate that regular jack off sessions helps lower one's blood pressure. I mean can you see it now?

Go to your Doctor, get diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, and he gives you a prescription to whack off once daily. I mean can you just see that? Makes you wonder too, how it would look at the pharmacy as you ask the cute stock boy to help fulfill your prescription... to whack off.

I wonder, if you hired a male hustler, to fill your Doctor's prescription, would that be a tax deductible expense?

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