Jerking Off Big 3-Day Load

Quite simply this guy is a hottie. At 5'6 and 158 lbs, he is a hot pocket of cuteness. Observing his toned naked physique, you'd think he was a wrestler. But he was more of a baseball player back in the day. Preferring team sports, than individual sports. Speaking of teams, sad to say he is not on our team. As he is unabashedly straight. But that doesn't mean he can't perform for a gay audience. Which is how he ended up here. On video to jerk off his 6" x 5" cut cock.

Baird doesn't have a specific place where he likes to jerk off. But he does like to give his cock a regular workout. Jacking off about once a day, sometimes every other day. For this video shoot he saved up a three day load. Good thing Baird prepared this way, as this was his first time on-camera. So a touch of the nerves was present. But soon Baird relaxed and got into it. Knowing that tons of gay guys would be getting off, by seeing him get off.

Baird isn't as vocal as other guys when they cum. But that is due to his shyness, as he is a pretty quite dude. But he more than made up for it, with a huge amount of cum that splattered all over his nice furry body. Yum!

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