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Marcus Guitaro is back to show off more of his delicious cock. After his last performance on Circle Jerk Boys, his fans screamed for more. (Check out Marcus in Straight Cubano Jacks Off.) And this week he brought along his cousin Manny Alvarez, who is just 18 years old. They two guys are close -- inseparable; and one has to wonder whether these two have been practicing for this jack off scene -- weekend sleep overs with some jack off sessions while watching porn. Marcus and Manny pair up together in a locker room and they're pretty close in dick size with only half an inch separating the two, although I'm partial to Manny's thick, uncut cock. They sit face to face on the locker room bench and start jacking off together. Nothing like a little friendly, cousinly competition to get the juices flowing. Newcomer Manny is the first to shoot with a stream of cum flying out of his dick, but Marcus isn't far behind, dropping his load on the floor seconds after his cousin.

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